Kumpula campus Nanoscience course overview and links

Kai Nordlund

The University of Helsinki has been arranging regular teaching in Nanoscience since 2006, with Prof. Kai Nordlund as the initial coordinator. This page gives an overview of how the teaching developed and links to the current courses.

The very first course was: Introduction to nanoscience 2005
given only once.

The systematic teaching from 2006 -- 2012 was a joint teaching programme between the University of Helsinki and Aalto University, comprising 4 courses Nanoscience I - IV, with roughly the following contents:

Since the fall of 2012, the teaching was reorganized to be campus-specific as the topic became more mainstream and each campus wanted to have their own programme. Now the Kumpula campus the departments of Physics and Chemistry are organizing the following general courses: Note: also students outside the University of Helsinki can access these pages using the guest login option! In addition, we are organizing specialized nanoscience courses such as: In addition, the doctoral programme MATRENA arranges PhD-level nanoscience intensive courses, including a continuation of Nanoforum.
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