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Professor Flyura Djurabekova, PhD Professor in Materials in Extreme Environments,
Department of Physics and Helsinki Institute of Physics

P.O.Box 43 (Pietari Kalmink. 2)
00014 University of Helsinki
tel: +358-(0)2941-50084
fax: +358 2941 50610

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  • Research activities:

    My group studies the Materials for Accelerator Technology within the Accelerator Technology project at HIP by means of different computational methods.
    In addition, I'm involved in several projects with swift heavy ions irradiation of materials (related to FAIR) and nanoparticles as part of Materials science simulation group at the Department of Physics.

    Research group:

    group in 2014

    Research projects:

    H2020 Europen Project "Ion-irradiation-induced Si Nanodot Self-Assembly for Hybrid SET-CMOS Technology" (IONS4SET)

    K-contract between Helsinki Institute of Physics and CERN project CLIC

    Project of Academy of Finland "Accelerator materials at the edge of physical limits: from atomic insight to high precision" (Amelis)


    Director of Bachelor's programme in Science taught fully in English at Faculty of Science of University of Helsinki

    Board member of the Master's programme at the Department of Physics MATRES

    Board member of the Master's programme at the Department of Physics The­or­et­ical and Com­pu­ta­tional Meth­ods


    Introductory Course to Materials Reserach

    Materials Physics

    Basics of Monte Carlo Simulations (Monte Carlo simulointien perusteet)

    Monte Carlo Simulations in Physics

    Basics of Nanoscience (Nanotieteen perusteet)


    Organization of international scientific conferences and workshops:



    Nanopatterning & FOR3NANO 2017

    MeVARC 2017

    Previous workshops:

    MeVARC 2015

    , MeVARC 2013 , MeVARC 2012 , MeVARC 2011


    11th International symposium on Swift Heavy Ions in Matter & 29th International Conference on Atomic Collisions in Solids (SHIM\&ICACS)

    International conference "Radiation effects in insulators", REI-17

    EMRS-2014: Symposium E "Defect-induced effects in nanomaterials"